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International Patent & Trademark Litigation, Counseling & Arbitration, Trademarks, Due Diligence evaluation and counseling, Designs, Unfair Competition, Domain Names, Anti-counterfeiting & Customs Enforcement, Patent Term Extension, Technology Transfer, Licensing, Privacy, Regulatory – Healthcare, Food & Consumer, Anti-Monopoly & Antitrust, Technology, media & telecoms and Dispute Resolution & Litigation.

Michael E. GARRETT

has a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology from Southern Illinois University, U.S.A. (1993). He has been with the Firm since 1994.


Biotechnology, Consumer Products, Cleantech, Diagnostic, Surgical, and Medical Imaging equipment & devices, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Biology and Chromosomal Engineering, Nanotechnology, Licensing, Patent Invalidation & Designs.


holds a Bachelor's degree in Humanities majoring in Behavioral Sciences from Kobe College (2004).


He was responsible for designs and counterfeit goods in Intellectual Property Section in Sharp Corporation from 1964 to 2009. He lecturedon designs at the Japan Intellectual Property Association for 7 years.


Trademarks and Civil Law.

Tatsuya YONEDA

born in Wakayama. He has a Bachelor's degree in Law from Kyoto University (2001).

Matthew LEUNG

Trademarks, Unfair Competition, Customs Seizures, Due diligence, Labeling, Anti-Counterfeiting, Domain Names, Privacy, Procurement, Compliance and Due Diligence.

Laarni Q. VINAS

Compliance, Licensing, Transactions, Designs, Due Diligence, Ownership & Recordals, Procurement, Technology Management, Assignments and Litigation.

Grace Xaviere E. ESCOSIA

Compliance, Procurement, Designs, Technology Management, Corporate, Commercial & Trade Practice, Anti-Monopoly & Antitrust, Technology, Corporate Governance & Compliance and Dispute Resolution.

Leona YEO

Trademarks, Unfair Competition, Customs Seizures and Anti-Counterfeiting.


Intellectual Property, Compliance, Transactions, Ownership and Recordals, General Corporate Governance, Procurement and International Commercial Transactions & Litigation.

Maria Lucia B. LOPEZ

Transactions and Recordals, Compliance, Technology Management, Ownership, Due Diligence, Assignments, General Corporate Governance, Procurement and Litigation.

Carolyn M. CALANOY

Compliance, Regulatory, Transactions, Ownership, Transfers and Recordals, Licenses, Pledges, Administrative, General Corporate Governance, Procurement & Litigation.

SHUSAKU·YAMAMOTO has over 170 members comprising of technology specialists, translators and secretaries who all have at least 4 year University qualifications.

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